News / Blog / 06.19.2021

Data, Data Everywhere

Data, Data Everywhere - Image

Data, data, everywhere, and no reports would sync.

by Bo Howard, National Accounts Manager


One of the common themes that Shapiro hears day in and day out is the difficulty of aligning data from multiple sources into a single report. Between the billing cycle variances, the ease of access to the data, and the information itself, reporting your waste stream and recycling totals can feel like a full-time job.

There’s too much data and not enough information.

Building a supply chain is a complex task. Managing it shouldn’t be. When you put in the effort to create a sustainable program to improve your ESG, you shouldn’t have to work harder to keep up with the data generated.

Thankfully, Shapiro listens to our partners, and we’ve made data and reporting a cornerstone of our programs. We have a robust reporting system that will include all materials that Shapiro manages in a single report.

Imagine one report already complete. You can customize the report by several different features and billing cycles. Do you need it as a PDF? We have a button for that. What about downloaded into Excel? Another button. Need a handy graph? Check!

Shapiro is continuing to refine our reporting to highlight what matters to your company. We can also track improvements made to your program after a change implementation, and we are using our data every day to provide cost benefits to support positive changes.

Does that sound too good to be true? You should give us a call. You might find that we’re even better than advertised. We have over a century worth of history in recycling, and our future is expanding into areas not done by your typical scrap company. Thankfully, Shapiro isn’t your typical company. Contact us to learn more today.