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We blend operational expertise with high-quality, efficiently packaged materials to create partnerships that propel strong relationships.

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Tailored Trade Programs

Our post-industrial materials are well segregated, clean and ready for melting. We develop direct relationships with our consumers to help fulfill their needs with recycled materials. We become our consumers’ trusted advisors when it comes to the application of alloys and market trends. Operational excellence in our intake processes translates into better results and cost savings for our consumers. From materials segregation onsite to our team of metals experts, we do the work up front to pass along the best results to you, the consumer.

We trade only in post-industrial materials, ensuring a cleaner and better quality product when compared to post-consumer materials. With partnership at the forefront of everything we do, our number one focus is ensuring that everything you purchase from Shapiro Metals matches the specifications and quality you require.
In our more than 100 years of experience in the metals industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about alloys and their possible applications. Our partnership will begin with a consultation where our experts will gain understanding of your needs, and it will continue as Shapiro Metals works as your trusted advisor. We’ll help you increase the sustainability of your operation by identifying new opportunities to fulfill your needs with our high-quality post-industrial materials.
Our pricing is derived from analysis of the AMM, Comex, and LME indexes. We guarantee the integrity of every transaction to continue to build your trust in our team to deliver you fair pricing for high-quality materials.
Every decision we make and every solution we design are mindfully executed to reinforce the honesty and integrity we promise. Our programs and solutions are individually tailored to ensure accuracy and maximize visibility so you can focus on accomplishing your business’s goals. From index-based pricing, to plant surveys, to reporting, we won’t just tell you Shapiro Metals is worthy of your trust. We’ll show you.
As a team, we try to make Shapiro the best place to work for and the best place to work with. We're a 120 year old company that looks at everything as though we were a startup. New ideas and processes are happening all the time and they are all driven by our commitment to our customers and each other. Bo Howard Director of Sales

Elevate Your Future with Custom Master Alloys

Increase your efficiency, safety, product quality, and sustainability with a single metal material.

Since 1904, Shapiro Metals has been helping manufacturers with creative solutions in sourcing and supplying recycled metal. We leverage expertise in metallurgy and understanding of international markets to create custom master alloys for manufacturers that no other company can deliver.

Reduce your operation’s demands on the environment by replacing prime materials with recycled content

Support your organization’s sustainability goals through a greener process that reduces your carbon footprint

Eliminate material handling steps by preventing employees from having to combine base materials

Reduce the opportunity for on-the-job injury—with a single custom alloy, employees can effectively move and load by forklift, instead of by hand

Maintain your standards with master alloys that have consistent and reliable chemistry

Never wonder what’s in your alloy—you’ll receive a certified analysis

Reduce employee error that may occur when mixing raw materials, thus affecting your end result

Streamline operations with a custom alloy that’s easier to handle, inventory, and store

Increase metal recovery and reduce melt loss

Reduce your costs by eliminating more expensive prime materials and extra storage space

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We create unique solutions for consumers. A conversation is the first step toward fulfilling your materials needs with our quality metals.