For every industry we serve, our primary goal is to offer sustainable solutions that provide peace of mind in recycling. This allows our partners to focus their energies on innovation and growth, knowing that their recycling needs are well-managed.

Aerospace - Industry


The aerospace sector values non-ferrous materials, and it's essential to handle them with accuracy and fairness in pricing. Our index-based pricing and weight verification systems exemplify how we address the sustainability needs of the aerospace industry. Our programs further simplify material segregation, offering efficient and sustainable practices.

For decades, Aerospace manufacturers and the byproduct metals they produce have been a focus for Shapiro. Our programs simplify their internal processes and our innovative Fluid Recovery Pumps create efficiency and cost savings for aerospace machining.

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Automotive - Industry


Sustainability and traceability are at the heart of concerns for our automotive industry partners. With the rising demand for environmental compliance, we’ve crafted our Lean RecyclingSM programs to not only meet your requirements but to provide the data essential for audits. With us, you get a complete sustainability solution for your automotive recycling needs.uirements along with the data you need to satisfy any necessary audits.

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Foundry & Die Casting - Industry

Foundry & Die Casting

Our foundry and die casting partners prioritize good pricing and an efficient dross-to-recovery ratio. With our experienced team of creative problem solvers, we ensure the best pricing while maximizing the yields from your dross, ensuring a sustainable approach in every step.

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Transportation - Industry


The unique demands of the transportation sector, especially within the RV and trailer industries, are well-understood by our team. Our position in the market allows us to move materials effectively, promoting both improved cash flow and a heightened focus on environmental sustainability solutions.

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Other Industries We Serve:

  • Aluminum Windows & Doors
  • Construction
  • Defense
  • Demolition Cleanup
  • Fabricating
  • Heat Transfer Products
  • HVAC
  • Job Shops / Machine Shops
  • Marine
  • Metal Stamping
  • Medical Device
  • Oil & Gas
  • Maquiladoras

We have experience serving just about every type of company that works with metals. Our proactive, partnership-minded approach ensures that we gain a good understanding of your business to serve you better.