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We find the best sustainable solutions to recycle your industrial waste and reduce your carbon footprint during the process.

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Transparency You Can See.

Trust is at the core of all great partnerships, especially in the realms of industrial recycling and managing industrial waste. Everything we do and every solution we design is mindfully executed to reinforce the honesty and integrity we promise. Our sustainability programs and industrial waste solutions are individually tailored to ensure accuracy and maximize visibility, helping you focus on accomplishing your business’s goals while promoting sustainable practices. From index-based pricing, to plant surveys, to reporting on the impact of recycling and waste reduction efforts, we won’t just tell you Shapiro Metals is worthy of your trust. We’ll show you, demonstrating our commitment to not only your success but also to environmental stewardship.

We Make It Happen

By following the Steps to Sustainability, we can create an impact with early critical wins for your company. Whether it’s the first or last thing you do for your company, it’s the best thing you can do for the world. 

It takes time to build a respectable sustainability program. We will map out the process and search for ways for continuous improvement, keeping you focused and building momentum year after year. We received a Global Sustainability Award for an early implementation and the client received an induvial award for his role in creating the program and building his own sustainability hero story and impactful business case.

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Take It Up a Notch with Circularity

OEM’s that manufacturers work with are requiring more and more companies to provide plans for a circular supply chain. This is where Circular shines. Not only do we find ways to recycle difficult materials, we often work to create circularity for our clients. Master Alloys by Shapiro allows our clients to use only their own material to create new products. This practice ensures the integrity of the materials being used in manufacturing.

Explore next-level partnership with our Sustainability Solutions.

Ready to take your scrap metal recycling beyond transactions? Our Sustainability Solutions will tailor a custom recycling solution to your business to improve your recycling revenue, streamline and optimize your operations, and give you peace of mind with great results.

Success Story

Accuracy in Moisture Measurement Adds Up to $33k in Annual Revenue for Aluminum Foundry
This aluminum foundry engaged Shapiro Metals to run an independent study on the moisture levels in their aluminum turnings. Find out what we discovered and the results we achieved with this new partnership. Read the Case Study
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