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Bruce's Commentaries / 11.25

Shapiro Metals – November Market Insights 2020

No siempre puedes conseguir lo que quieres. Pero a veces si lo intentas, puede que encuentres lo que necesitas. Como puede ver en mis citas musicales, por lo general estoy estancado a finales de la decada de 1960. Con toda la tension social y polita de este año, aveces tambien siento que estoy reviviendo los ultimos años de la decada de 1960. Deje que los Rolling Stones nos proporcionen este recordatorio pragmatico y atemporal de que todo saldra como deberia al final de todo.
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Bruce's Commentaries / 11.17

Shapiro Metals Market Insight – November 2020

“You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might find you get what you need.” As you can tell from my music quotes, I am usually stuck in the late 1960s. With all the social and political tension this year, sometimes it feels like I am re-living the late 1960s, too. Leave it to the Rolling Stones to provide this timeless, pragmatic reminder that everything will work out as it should in the end.
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Bruce's Commentaries / 10.13

Shapiro Metals Market Insight – October 2020

Join me on a mental journey back to October 2016. Polls showed that Hillary Clinton stood an 85% chance of winning the presidency, the Dow Jones average was 18,000, GDP was 1.7%, and the unemployment rate was 4.9%. Imagine if at that time someone asked for odds on a bet that October 2020 would put the Dow at a near record high of 28,000, and the NASDAQ and S&P 500 also would be near record highs.
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Bruce's Commentaries / 10.13

Shapiro Metals Market Insights – October 2020

Acompañenme a un viaje de regreso al mes de Octubre de 2016. Las encuestas mostraron que Hillary Clinton tenia un 85 % de posibilidad de ganar la presidencia, el promedio Dow Jones era de 18.000, el PIB ere del 1.7 % y la tasa de desempleo era del 4.9 %. Imaginese si en ese momento alguien pidiera probabilidades en una apuesta de que Octubre 2020 colocaria al Dow en un maximo historico cercano a 28.000, y el NASDAQ y el S&P 500 estarian tambien cerca de maximos historicos.
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Bruce's Commentaries / 09.21

Shapiro Metals Market Insights – September 2020

This acronym certainly sums up the year better than seen. We all continue to deal with “VUCA” issues and are constantly adjusting and adapting our business models.
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Bruce's Commentaries / 08.14

Shapiro Metals Market Insights – August 2020

Many of us are having a similar conversation about wearing a mask as a health precaution during the pandemic. History shows that there is always a tipping point when most people decide something contentious is the smart thing to do. Wearing seat belts is one example. It wasn’t until the 1980s and ‘90s that states began adopting seatbelt laws, and then public sentiment shifted from the devices being optional and uncomfortable to being a necessity.
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Bruce's Commentaries / 07.16

Shapiro Metals Market Insights – July 2020

This brilliant general and president developed a decision-making matrix. His strategy and the matrix helped us to achieve victory in WWII. The matrix is even more important and effective today with the velocity of change in our society.
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Bruce's Commentaries / 06.12

Shapiro Metals Market Insight – June 2020

Buffalo Springfield wrote these words to the song “For What It’s Worth” in 1966, yet the words still hold true today, more than 50 years later. Some of the issues we now face are the pandemic, social unrest, unemployment, economic recovery, education, trade conflicts, and health issues, just to name a few. We get a non-stop barrage of daily news about all of these subjects. It isn’t exactly clear, and no one really knows what is going to happen.
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Bruce's Commentaries / 05.18

Shapiro Metals Market Insight – May 2020

The health crisis continues unabatedly. Last month at this time, I reported 24,000 deaths in the U.S. We are now over 84,000, and worldwide the number is over 294,000. The pain and sadness that afflicts us from these losses is relentless. This disease will be with us for a long time, and it takes both an emotional and financial toll.
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