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Stainless steel and nickel alloys drive manufacturing today. Their unique properties allow these materials to be applied in sustainable supply chain management through Circular by Shapiro.

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Stainless Steel Redefines Sustainable Solutions

Stainless Steel (SS)
Origin: With roots going back to the early 20th century, stainless steel has been a cornerstone in industrial processes, known for its resistance to corrosion. The invention of stainless steel was a major leap across fields that touch everyday American lives.

Our focus at Shapiro extends across the aerospace, automotive, chemical, and marine industries among others, where the demands for high-quality stainless steel are paramount. Our stainless steel division is dedicated to processing superior grades of steel that meet the stringent requirements of modern manufacturing while aligning with sustainability goals.

Expertise and Innovation in Stainless Steel Sustainability

Stainless steel and nickel alloys are known for their recyclability without loss of quality. For instance, stainless steel from decades past can be recycled and repurposed into new products. That's embodying sustainability. Its remarkable resistance to corrosion, heat, and its strength as an alloy with elements like nickel, carbon, and manganese, make it an invaluable resource. Shapiro's Master Alloy division offers custom program development in alloy composition to meet specific industry needs. Ask us about common grades like 304, 316, as well as 310 and 330 series. We offer options and flexibility. Marine and chemical industries rely on source grade 316 from us for superior corrosion resistance. Ask us about specific requirements for your needs.

Achieving Circular Economy Milestones

Once our clients send their manufacturing byproduct for recycling, Shapiro handles the rest. Our objective is bulk processing which substantially lowers greenhouse gas emissions and freight costs. We provide reprocessing services for a seamless supply chain. Our circular approach ensures our clients have the option to manufacture using recycled stainless steel and nickel alloys. These decisions, often guided by Chief Sustainability Officers or sustainable initiatives create a loop from production to recycling. Reach out to us for questions sustainable steel and nickel alloy solutions that minimize your environmental impact.

Empowering A Bright, Sustainable Future

For businesses with sustainability at the core of their operations, Shapiro's new division provides the bridge toward achieving circular supply chain objectives. Our proprietary reporting tools are designed to provide insight, aiding data-driven decision-making for sustainable operations.

Environmental Responsibility & Compliance

At Shapiro, we uphold the highest standards of environmental compliance, aligning with both local and global regulations. Our continuous assessment and monitoring of operations aim at reducing carbon footprint and conserving resources. Every day, we strive towards a sustainable future together.

Join Us in Building a Sustainable Future

We extend an invitation for you to partner with Shapiro in driving a sustainable future. Your choice to engage with stainless steel and nickel alloys is a step towards eco-friendly manufacturing. Together, we can redefine stainless steel in manufacturing, optimizing waste management, and promoting responsible practices. At Shapiro, our teams are dedicated to innovations that make stainless steel a more sustainable solution for generations to come. Empower a bright future and positive change in your industry. Contact us today to explore our sustainable practices and how we can collaborate towards a greener tomorrow.

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