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Rolloffs with a Cause: Year-Round Breast Cancer Awareness - Logo
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Rolloffs with a Cause: Year-Round Breast Cancer Awareness

Plant Manager Tim Weber’s mother, one of 3.8 million breast cancer survivors in the US, inspired the Shapiro team to take action and create a traveling breast cancer awareness campaign.
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What is Greenwashing? And Why it Matters in Manufacturing

ESG reporting is bringing a new level of transparency to the supply chain and more buying power to the hands of consumers and investors…but will it have any impact on greenwashing?
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The ESG Era: Smart Manufacturing Trends in 2022

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)—these aspects of modern corporate responsibility have taken the manufacturing world by storm and are transforming the way we operate and invest in business.
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Sustainability in Manufacturing: Trends to Watch

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics are becoming increasingly important to companies everywhere. Investors consider ESG scores as part of their decision-making process, driving stock prices up or down based on these metrics. To deliver good performance in the “environmental” category, manufacturing companies need to adopt a full sustainability strategy that goes beyond recycling.
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Scrap Metal Handling Safety for Manufacturing

We all know that safety is important. We want our team members to arrive home from work after every shift in the same (if not better) shape they were in when they clocked in. In today’s labor market and operational environments, safety is an even hotter priority. With people having to do more with less and the fast pace required to keep up with demand, it can be tempting for plant teams to cut corners—and it hurts the team even more than ever when someone is out due to injury.
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How Manufacturers Can Create a Circular Economy

Carbon neutrality is a goal shared by many companies across a diverse range of sectors. Amazon, Netflix, Meta/Facebook, and Coca-Cola have all announced target dates for when they will achieve it. With an increased focus on ESG metrics, sustainability and financial outcomes have never been more linked.
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Overview: Holistic Corporate Sustainability Assessments for Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies and facilities are under increasing pressure to improve sustainability and recycling efforts. With sustainable manufacturing becoming that much more prevalent throughout the U.S., facilities need to take immediate measures to implement net-zero and closed-loop production methodologies.
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What is ESG and Why Does it Matter in Manufacturing?

ESG stands for environmental, social, and corporate governance. It is an evaluation of a company’s conscientiousness around issues that impact people and the environment. As businesses and investors become more socially and environmentally conscious, ESG is increasingly coming into focus for growth-minded organizations.
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The Impact of Fluid Recovery

Is the cost of cutting fluid cutting into your profits? Some manufacturers have already found the solution. Fluid recovery services can save five gallons per machine per day, dramatically reducing both waste and costs.
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