News / Blog / 10.01.2022

Rolloffs with a Cause: Year-Round Breast Cancer Awareness

Rolloffs with a Cause: Year-Round Breast Cancer Awareness - Image

Using the Shapiro Voice for Good

At Shapiro, our #1 priority is to make a positive impact in the world, one that reaches far beyond our immediate industry. From annual Earth Day cleanups to our Shapiro Heroes program, and Grilling for a Cause, we fight for what we believe. Most recently, our team has taken up a new cause—breast cancer awareness.



Inspiration Takes Root

In 2021, our team came up with the idea to use our rolloffs almost as billboards for this new awareness initiative, and Tim Weber, our plant manager in Springfield, IL, jumped at the chance to help.


This hits especially close to home for Tim. Since joining the Shapiro team in 2016, his mother has been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer and is now one of the 3.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. Tim and his family have experienced firsthand how community plays an essential role in the breast cancer journey, and they are passionate about driving awareness and support for all those affected by the disease.



The Bigger Picture

About 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, and almost everyone in the U.S. today knows someone who’s been affected. Tim says that while “this is very personal to me, it’s an issue that everyone is familiar with and something we can all rally around.”


“As a company, there was zero doubt that this is something we should be supporting,” he adds. “I was honored to help lead the way with our pink rolloffs project.”



Two Rolloffs, One Mission

What started off as a simple sketch would soon turn into something much bigger. Tim organized a team to bring two breast cancer awareness-themed rolloffs to life, featuring the signature breast cancer pink and custom decals designed by a St. Louis graphic design team.


The new rolloffs made their debut in November 2021—one placed in Springfield and the other set out front at our Innovation Center in Seymour, Missouri. However, these are far more than showpieces put on display for breast cancer awareness month. Today, these rolloffs continue to be a part of Shapiro’s regular circulation. Whether they’re sitting at one of our facilities or our customers’, we believe it’s important to support the causes we believe in year-round.



Shapiro Forward

Showing support for our community in every way possible is at the core of who we are. While community involvement and smart manufacturing may seem like two separate initiatives, they both help drive Shapiro Forward in our single mission: to create a better tomorrow, together. See more of our community efforts and join us in our mission by following us on Facebook and LinkedIn.