Technology puts transparency
at your fingertips.

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Scrap recycling just got a whole lot smarter. Save time and simplify your reporting when you partner with us.

AcuScrapSM Technology

We developed our technology suite to address the common pain points we’ve heard time and time again from companies who need scrap solutions.

Smart Containers

These bins aren’t your average scrap receptacles. We outfit our Smart Containers with sensors that allow your Lean RecyclingSM team to monitor them, so you don’t have to. Smart Bins help you reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating unnecessary pickups. They can also help identify contamination and theft concerns.

MyShapiro Portal

Easily access your recycling data and reports from anywhere with an internet connection. We compile your list of materials, weights and measures, and pricing. Increase the productivity and efficiency of your auditing or accounting process with just a few clicks.


We have the ability to have incoming material weighed and verified by an independent third party, so that transactions are not only transparent, but also impartial. Our organization wins by supporting the growth of our manufacturer partners.

“Our multi location customers appreciate having fast access to view their recyclables data across their organization anytime with just a few keystrokes.” Tim Ridderbos