“We were using a different partner before switching to Shaprio Metals.

The previous partner was doing a good job for us, but didn’t offer certain services we were looking to move towards. For us, Shapiro has improved our handling of scrap within our facility and has offered the service that we need to move forward as a company. I would offer this advice to other Members within Prime Advantage: If you are looking to improve your processes and scrap handling and documentation, then Shapiro is a Prime Advantage option that could offer everything you need.”

-Purchasing Manager

“It is my desire that this message be sent to your superiors as I wish to document a sincere compliment.

Beginning with our first introduction to Shapiro Metals, we have all been impressed with the professionalism and customer courtesy employed by each person we have dealt with from Shapiro Metals. Most of our communication has been with Mr. Terry Williams who has proven to be knowledgeable yet friendly in each communication. He has stressed the importance of working together as “Partners” to maximize the mutual benefit of our business relationship. We were impressed with the professional demeanor of the truck driver who delivered the totes and we have enjoyed the friendly and informative service provided by Deborah over the phone.

The superior quality of the Shapiro Metals employees reflects positively upon their management. The employees of Muskogee Technology will gladly refer other companies to partner with Shapiro Metals. Thank you”

-Chief Operating Officer

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