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Our experts will design a custom conversion program that saves you money and supports your efforts towards sustainability.

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Closed Loop Programs

Our programs ensure that your manufacturing byproducts remain within your system, and come full circle back to your plant. Our conversion solutions are ideal for metal intensive industries such as die casters and foundries.

With partnership at the forefront of everything we do, our number one focus is ensuring that the materials you convert with Shapiro Metals matches the specifications and quality you require.
With our years of experience in the metals industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about metals and their endless applications. Our partnership will begin with a consultation where our experts will gain understanding of your needs, and it will further develop as Shapiro Metals works as your trusted advisor. We’ll help you increase the sustainability of your operation by identifying new opportunities to fulfill your needs with our high-quality recycled content.
We guarantee the integrity of every transaction to continue to build your trust in our team to deliver you fair pricing for high-quality materials.
Every decision we make and every solution we design are mindfully executed to reinforce the honesty and integrity we promise. Our programs and solutions are individually tailored to ensure accuracy and maximize visibility so you can focus on accomplishing your business’s goals. From index-based pricing, to plant surveys, to reporting, we won’t just tell you Shapiro Metals is worthy of your trust. We’ll show you.
As a team, we try to make Shapiro the best place to work for and the best place to work with. We're a 115 year old company that looks at everything as though we were a startup. New ideas and processes are happening all the time and they are all driven by our commitment to our customers and each other. Bo Howard Director of Sales
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