We’ve cultivated a culture of complete sincerity and commitment across every plant and division.

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It's with wholeheartedness that we foster personal and professional growth for our people.


Pride gets in the way of learning. Practicing gratitude and humility is what clears the way for growth. Displaying appreciation for others fuels passion and positive energy.


Nothing great has ever resulted from playing it safe. As our president & CEO Bruce says, “Passionate persistence pays. Take risks and keep learning.”


Every person in our organization has value and the potential to make their own unique contribution. At Shapiro Metals, everyone has a voice, and we listen. We treat others the way we would want to be treated.


Integrity is living out our values every day—not just having them written on the wall. We do our best to foster an environment where the courage to be candid abounds. Honesty and accountability are not obstacles. They are gifts we give each other freely.

I truly enjoy what I do. Marketing scrap metal to the best consumers and maximizing the value makes me very happy. Timothy Shorter Ferrous and Alloy Market Manager