Case Study / 08.25.2020

Integrity in Scrap Purchasing Matters

Integrity in Scrap Purchasing Matters - Image

The Challenge

Just like the stock market, metals and other commodity pricing fluctuates based on global economic conditions and political policy. In 2018, aluminum prices had fallen. Tariffs made it difficult to export scrap material overseas, which led to a surplus in the U.S. that couldn’t be consumed by domestic demand. It was around this time that this customer decided to switch from Shapiro Metals to another scrap provider who promised higher prices for aluminum turnings.

However, the company’s new provider was delivering subpar service, and worst yet, found themselves unable to deliver on their promises of higher aluminum prices. The discrepancy caught the attention of the company’s owner, who became interested in improving the scrap metal program. The owner reached back out to Shapiro Metals in early 2020 to see if we could re-establish our relationship. 

The Solution

We worked with the customer’s team to reinstate Shapiro’s scrap metal recycling program in their facility near Huntsville, Alabama. The customer’s representative and the Shapiro team provided our small 3’ by 3’ blue totes, which were easy to move and worked ideally with their CNC machines. The Shapiro team ensured that the customer was stocked with extra totes so they wouldn’t find themselves in a bind if transportation challenges arose. 

The owner had largely been uninvolved in the program during the first iteration of our relationship, so we also provided education and training for the Sustainability Dashboard. They were highly satisfied with the accessibility of data that demonstrated the results of the scrap program. 

The Result

There’s a saying that goes, “When expectations meet reality, people are happy.” The customer’s previous provider had failed to meet their expectations for service and pricing, causing friction and frustration. Our market-based pricing model ensures transparency and integrity—along with fair pricing for both sides of every transaction. 

Today, the customer is satisfied with the program that we are executing. They are also enjoying learning more about the scrap metal market by subscribing to our Shapiro Metals Market Insights newsletter, which is released every month. We are proud to have regained this customer as a partner that we will continue to serve with the transparency, honesty, and integrity that remains at the core of our organization.

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