Case Study / 11.16.2020

Eco-Friendly Expertise: How to Keep Your Metal Materials Out of the Landfill

Eco-Friendly Expertise: How to Keep Your Metal Materials Out of the Landfill - Image

The Challenge

Trying to be as eco-friendly as possible with metal scrap was their number one priority. With their previous internal destruction process, they were not able to recycle their non-metallic material, which resulted in excess. The excess created a challenge when trying to process it and left it subject to mill rejection. Their environmental goals were also being affected as a result of the non-metal waste being sent into a landfill when removing non-metal from this stream.

Shapiro also wanted to increase efficiency by improving their non-metal recycling program. The current waste container was not big or strong enough to hold the non-metal recyclable material, resulting in the material having to be moved into a landfill by plant employees.  

The Solution

Shapiro stepped in with extensive knowledge and experience to solve the customer’s problem. By adapting the destruction process, we took the time to train our client on mill requirements and how to work with them. With this enhancement, no time was added to their manufacturing process and their metal recycling stream was consistently improved. The additional non-metals material was collected separately from the metal. 

In addition, Shapiro kept the client’s environmental goals at the forefront of their project. Shapiro made them more eco-friendly by combining the non-metal material into a comprehensive recycling program which also included cardboard, plastics, metals, and more.

The Results

The Shapiro team was able to reach our clients environmental goals by implementing our non-metal recycling process and reducing handling and plant labor. Plant savings/revenue has increased an estimated 20% in metal value since our implementation of this process. Landfill costs reduced by over $15,000 a year and saved approximately ten labor hours per week.