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Bruce's Commentaries- Market Insights / 04.11

Shapiro – April 2024 Market Insights

“Inflation is when you pay $15 for the $10 haircut that you used to get for $5 when you had hair.” - Sam Ewing Consumers are pissed off about high prices and yet consumer spending continues fueling the economic growth. Their sentiment these days is “WTH! If inflation is cooling why are my grocery bills still so high?” “These prices make no sense, and I can’t believe inflation is at only 2.5% to 3%.” “Why aren’t prices falling.” “It’s just not right.”
Master Alloys / 09.14

Improve Recovery and Production Using Shapiro Master Alloys

Across all kinds of industries, people value purity. Pure products are consistent and predictable, reducing guesswork about what they contain or how they’ve been modified. There are many benefits to using master alloys for manufacturing, though, even compared to pure metals.
News / 02.23

Shapiro – Febrero 2024 Market Insights

A principios de 2023, la mayoría de los economistas estaban seguros de que las tazas interés más altas desacelerarían la economía, provocarían un aumento del desempleo, crearían una recesión y reducirían lentamente la inflación. Mal, mal, mal y mal. En cambio, el PIB creció un muy saludable 2.5 %, se crearon más de 2.7 millones de nuevos puestos de trabajo y el desempleo se situó cerca de un mínimo histórico del 3.7 %. La tasa de inflación cayó del 6.5 % y, según el PCE (gasto de consumo personal) de la Reserva Federal, se sitúa por debajo del 2 % en los últimos 6 meses.
News / 10.01

Rolloffs with a Cause: Year-Round Breast Cancer Awareness

Plant Manager Tim Weber’s mother, one of 3.8 million breast cancer survivors in the US, inspired the Shapiro team to take action and create a traveling breast cancer awareness campaign.
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Blog / 04.03

Shapiro Celebrates 120 Years of Innovation and Sustainability in Industrial Recycling

This month marks the 120th anniversary of Shapiro, a leader in industrial recycling and sustainability solutions. From its humble beginnings in 1904 as a one-man operation, Shapiro has grown into...
Case Study / 11.16
Eco-Friendly Expertise: How to Keep Your Metal Materials Out of the Landfill
Shapiro Metals was sought out by a tier-one automotive manufacturer whose main focus is on producing critical components for vehicle braking systems. Read More
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