Five Common Mistakes that Cost Manufacturers Money in their Recycling Program

Five Common Mistakes

1. Fines, Sludges, Swarfs, Dusts:
These items typically have value and are commonly found in your waste stream. Does your company throw away any of these items, along with the filters and other components associated with these processes?

2. Environmental Responsibility and Liability:
Does your recycling program have all the necessary documentation to keep your company’s environmental risks and liabilities to a minimum?

3. Full Service Recycling:
Do you know what happens to the electronic scrap, batteries from cordless devices, cardboard, light ballasts, and conduits that your company generates? These items, if found in the waste stream, can cost your company in fines and penalties. Does your company have a single stream program?

4. Transparency:
Does your recycling program provide transparency from the point your scrap is generated to the settlement that you receive? Full Circle accountability is crucial to ensuring you receive full value for all your recycling products.

5. Process Improvement:
Does your recycling program, by design, look for opportunities to remove items from the waste stream and improve processes not operating at their full potential?

If you answer no to any of these questions, allow us to provide a Plant Survey and discuss these potentially costly mistakes. This survey is completely free and there is no obligation. Learn More.  Please consider Shapiro Metals Lean RecyclingSM programs. 

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