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Are you looking to gain increased revenue from your scrap without disrupting your current manufacturing processes?
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Shapiro Metals Scrap Metal Recycling Company has a Lean Team who evaluates your processes using lean principles:

  • LEAN RECYCLINGSM-Most of our customers achieve over 10% savings from reduced labor, improved segregation, reduced landfill costs and improvements in checks & balances.
  • We build long-term relationships with our valued manufacturing partners.

Nobody does Lean RecyclingSM for industrial scrap metal like Shapiro Metals. Since 1904 “Partnering with Integrity” is not just a slogan, it is our way of serving customers.

We are transparent in our business dealings. With our focus on aerospace, automotive, and general manufacturing our processing facilities are strategically located in North America. Every manufacturer is different, which is why Shapiro Metals is the expert in customizing industrial scrap recycling programs. We are the industry leader that specializes in recycling foundry waste: dross, grindings, slag, flashings, sludges and spills.


• Is your scrap program lean driven?

• Does your program provide complete transparency throughout the entire process of scrap production to settlement reconciliation?

• Does your program look for additional revenue opportunities such as additional segregation, consolidation of vendors, or converting waste streams into revenue streams?

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How does Shapiro Metals get 10%+ higher yields?

  1. We start with certified weights (you can compare to your recorded weight). We are recognized as one of the top scrap metal processors.
  2. Quality receiving at each of our plants where transportation and equipment expense has been included in our proposal.
  3. Paperwork is verified and processed.
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