We are at the forefront of sustainability solutions for the transportation sector. We understand and react to your priorities to build efficient and sustainable programs.

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We understand your priorities.


In our endeavor for sustainability, we’ve nurtured robust markets for transportation scrap. Rely on our index-based model to ensure you get the top value for your materials.


Trust is the foundation of our operations. To bolster this, we offer the option for our weights to be independently verified by a neutral third party. Every transaction upholds the highest standards of integrity.


Our Lean RecyclingSM team is dedicated to ensuring that sustainability isn’t just a buzzword but a practiced ideal. They're here to seamlessly transition and manage your recycling program, providing impeccable ongoing service throughout our collaboration. Our programs are specifically crafted to mirror your objectives, ensuring a greener footprint.

Our programs are designed to align with your objectives.


Stay informed and agile with our AcuScrapSM technology suite, featuring the Sustainability Dashboard. This digital platform ensures all your commodities data is just a click away, simplifying the auditing or accounting processes.


True sustainability is built on understanding and collaboration. We take the time to familiarize ourselves with your unique needs before offering tailored recommendations. Once we embark on this journey together, our commitment doesn’t wane. We consistently fine-tune your program to ensure optimal outcomes throughout our association.


A century-long legacy in metal recycling combined with an intimate grasp of the transportation sector reinforces our position. Lean on our expertise for the best guidance in enhancing your operations and amplifying your recycling revenue, all while championing sustainability solutions.

Success Story

Accuracy in Moisture Measurement Adds Up to $33k in Annual Revenue for Aluminum Foundry
This aluminum foundry engaged Shapiro Metals to run an independent study on the moisture levels in their aluminum turnings. Find out what we discovered and the results we achieved with this new partnership. Read the Case Study
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