While you’re exploring new frontiers in aerospace, we’re on the ground handling your materials with the same innovative and technology-forward approach.

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Shapiro’s priority is to always create a sustainable future for our clients and meeting the “E” of EHS. Our environmental experts will develop a plan to lower greenhouse gas emissions, focusing on circular supply chains and creating cost-saving opportunities.

Technology & Data

Shapiro’s Sustainability Dashboard provides the information needed to track manufacturing byproducts and recyclables from the moment they leave your facility. And whether you are producing reports for single or a multi-site locations, we aim to mitigate the blending of several reports into one. Our dashboard is used by our client’s accounting, environmental, financial, supply chain and operational teams providing them with the data needed for reporting.

Supply Chain

At Shapiro, we focus on efficient supply chains to lower greenhouse gas emissions, cut costs and ultimately provide circularity. Keeping our client’s goals in mind, we provide innovation, flexibility, transparency and the ability to measure data and performance.

We’ve built a process that solves your challenges and addresses sustainability.

Continuous Improvement & Support

Our customer service, client experience, operations, technology and accounting teams will continue to work with your team to create efficiencies at our client’s facilities, always keeping our eye on the prize, our planet.

Data Management

Our Sustainability Dashboard is designed for the busy executive to retrieve and evaluate data. The dashboard collects and stores your data from all manufacturing facilities in one place. It is available 24/7 to track the information needed for sustainability, greenhouse gas reduction improvements, a Scope 3 analysis tool, and additional features to manage the materials sent for recycling.

Success Story

Accuracy in Moisture Measurement Adds Up to $33k in Annual Revenue for Aluminum Foundry
This aluminum foundry engaged Shapiro Metals to run an independent study on the moisture levels in their aluminum turnings. Find out what we discovered and the results we achieved with this new partnership. Read the Case Study
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