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Shapiro Introduces Groundbreaking Fluid Recovery Systems to CNC Machine Shops

Advanced Solutions for Fluid Management

Shapiro Introduces Groundbreaking Fluid Recovery Systems to CNC Machine Shops - Image

Shapiro, a centennial leader in the recycling industry, now extends its innovative prowess into CNC machine shops with its new Fluid Recovery System, designed to efficiently reuse standing fluids in metal containers. This launch aligns with Shapiro’s strategic pivot towards technology-driven sustainability solutions, extending its expertise from scrap metal recycling to sophisticated, data-driven fluid management systems.

Optimizing Operations with Smart Technology

The new Fluid Recovery Systems from Shapiro represent a significant advancement in handling and recycling cutting fluids, which are crucial in the machining process but often pose environmental disposal challenges. These systems not only promise to reduce waste and increase sustainability but also streamline operations, leading to significant cost savings for companies.

A Promise of Efficiency and Reliability

“In an era where efficiency is king, our Fluid Recovery Systems stand out by ensuring that CNC machine shops can ‘set it and forget it,’ turning what was once a headache into a hassle-free process,” said Ricky Alvarez, Fluid Pump Project Manager at Shapiro. Alvarez continued, “Our customers refer to saving cutting fluid as ‘saving liquid gold,’ highlighting the substantial financial and environmental returns.”

Endorsements That Speak Volumes

The COO of a leading CNC machine shop praised the new system, stating, “These fluid recovery systems are not necessary for every company, but for those dealing with the problem of standing, unrecoverable fluid in their metal bins, it’s indispensable. It fundamentally transforms a critical problem and cost in our operation.”

About Shapiro

With a heritage spanning 120 years, Shapiro has been at the forefront of the recycling industry, continuously adapting and expanding its services to meet the needs of a changing world. Today, Shapiro not only tackles traditional scrap metal but also excels in environmental programs with data-driven software, helping companies worldwide manage their recycling programs more effectively.

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