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Shapiro Metals Introduces Circular as a Service at the ESG in Manufacturing Summit

Shapiro Metals Introduces Circular as a Service at the ESG in Manufacturing Summit - Image

Shapiro’s Evolution: From Metals & Recycling to A Sustainable Pioneer

Manufacturers have a new way to accelerate the transition to a circular supply chain with the announcement of Circular as a Service solutions by Shapiro. Emphasizing the importance of green and sustainable practices within the manufacturing sector, Shapiro reveals a new division dedicated to innovative solutions for sustainability. The Summit acts as a platform for leaders like Shapiro to share insights and pave the way for future industry standards.

“We’re seeing more organizations gravitate towards Circular-as-a-service business models. Most notably closed loop partners,” shared President and COO Bob Alveraz of Shapiro. “With managed sustainability services, Circular partners know where to begin and how to measure ESG value.”

Champions of Sustainable Innovation for Over a Century

With an illustrious 119-year history in the metals & recycling business, Shapiro has witnessed and led several evolutions in the industry. Their recent win of a Global Sustainability & Innovation Award from a Fortune 500 company showcases their dedication to sustainable practices and their role as industry leaders.

The Rise of Circular by Shapiro in Reshaping Sustainability

At the Summit, Shapiro shared Sustainability as a Service solutions, emphasizing the transformational role of circular supply chains. With data at the heart of this revolution, Shapiro’s approach with Circular promises to change how businesses view and implement sustainable practices.

Circular by Shapiro is a vision for the future. Aiming to redefine sustainability management for original equipment manufacturers, this initiative offers solutions that make green practices more accessible and effective. As a partner in building circular supply chains, Circular embodies Shapiro’s commitment to a cleaner, greener future.

Software and Data: The New Tools of Sustainable Manufacturing

Shapiro’s experience with supply chain and materials management allows for a unique, comprehensive sustainability software. By harnessing data, Shapiro is enhancing manufacturing programs worldwide, providing invaluable insights, and setting new standards in sustainable manufacturing. Circular by Shapiro offers dashboards that highlight ESG impact, carbon analysis, and transportation efficiency.

Empower a Bright, Green Future

As Shapiro stands on the cusp of its 120th anniversary, its vision remains clear: pushing the boundaries of sustainability. With initiatives like Circular by Shapiro and an ever-expanding global reach powered by digital transformation, Shapiro invites stakeholders, partners, and the industry at large to join them in forging a sustainable future.

About Circular by Shapiro

Circular by Shapiro accelerates your transition to a circular supply chain.

Circular empowers original equipment manufacturers with service-based sustainability management solutions, including dashboards to simplify ESG reporting, program development for custom master alloys, and equipment like CNC fluid recovery systems.

Circular by Shapiro is backed by 119 years of global legacy.

With strategically located facilities, Shapiro forms successful partnerships with sustainable manufacturers from coast to coast.

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