News / 03.24.2020

COVID-19 Status at Shapiro Metals

COVID-19 Status at Shapiro Metals - Image

Updated 3/23/2020


Here at Shapiro, we support businesses in the aerospace, automotive, power generation, medical, and many other manufacturing sectors that our government has identified as critical supply chains to our infrastructure. Because of the role we play in keeping these businesses operating, Shapiro Metals has been deemed an essential business operation per U.S. Government guidelines. Our customers and people everywhere are depending on the products that our recycled metal keeps in production, so we are staying open to fulfill those needs.

During this time, we’re focused on keeping our employees safe and healthy. That’s why Shapiro Metals has set guidelines that meet or exceed the restrictions set by each state regarding social distancing, work-at-home, or shelter-in-place orders. We will continue to follow those guidelines as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic.

A large amount of employees in manufacturing and distribution are continuing to work in order to meet the demands of operations that are critical and essential to the infrastructure of countries all over the world. We remain committed to the safety of our team members, and we will continue to monitor this situation on every level of our operations.

Finally, we want to say thank you to all of our team members at Shapiro Metals who have displayed incredible commitment and resilience through this situation. As part of our continued commitment to transparency, will continue to provide updates on our response to COVID-19 as the situation changes.